Ms Caterers

M.S Catering Services , Since 1968

We undertake catering orders for all sort of happy occasion for a minimum order of 150 guests per session, 100% vegetarian.

M.S Catering Services are looking forward to work for any of your family occasion. We ensure you that the responsibility delegated upon us by you would be fulfilled by us in a very satisfactory manner and we will make the occasion a memorable one for you.

Below mentioned are the various services offered by us.

  • Nadhaswaram
  • High quality Food items, 100% vegetarian
  • Flower arrangements
  • Seer batchanam for both sides
  • Thamboolam bags
  • Video/Photo
  • Kolam arrangements
  • vaidega samangal or Prohithar samangal
  • Kasi yathrai samangal
  • Arrangements for Unjal ceremony
  • Engagement plate decorations with fruits & Nuts
  • Chariot or car for mapillai azhaippu
  • Flower shower during mapillai azhaippu,Kasi yathrai, Mangalya daranam

I would request to view our official catering webpage www.mscaterers.com for more details.


Marriage hall Planning

Since the marriage is an important occasion, it is necessary for both the families to sit together and chalk out the plans for this big day. One of the vital aspects that need to be considered is AC marriage halls . It is very much essential for the families to decide upon a marriage hall like from the wide options provided by M.S marriage halls Chennai that offers all types of facilities as one stop solution that would be required to make the wedding beyond expectation. Some of the facilities provided on all AC marriage halls in Chennai maintained by M.S marriage halls are as follows:

  • Dining Hall Capacity to accommodate ranging from 150 to 200 guests at a time
  • Parking facilities to have 25 to 45 vehicles and 100 bikes with full security
  • Rooms are maintained at executive standards with A/C provision.
  • Muhurtham Hall seating Capacity ranging from 450 to 600 guests.
  • Round the clock 100 % Power backup
  • CCTV camera facility for added security
  • Equipped Kitchen facility to ensure smooth preparation of delicacies and much more.

List of AC marriage halls provided by M.S marriage halls Chennai is respected by people due to its facilities and wide range of pricing options to suit the affordability of our customers. Apart from this, all our AC marriage halls (Kalyana Madapam) boasts of being centrally located, making it easy for all the guests to reach on time and without any hassles involved.

Luxury Wedding convenience

If people are looking for convenience, comfort and luxury Wedding in the form of AC marriage halls (Kalyana Madapam) , then list of Wedding marriage halls (Kalyana Madapam) in Chennai provided by M.S marriage halls Chennai is the best bet. Being one of the best wedding marriage halls, it has almost become a household name in the city as well as the outskirts and can be located very easily. Therefore, people who are looking for marriage halls, can prefer booking one from the various Wedding marriage halls (Kalyana Madapam) maintained by M.S marriage halls Chennai without any further delay.